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Welcome to our Artist Spotlight page. Each week we will select a hot artist to be featured on our home page as well as in this section. If you are interested in being considered, please email us at [email protected] and include your bio, promotional photo, social media sites and a radio friendly mp3. We look forward to hearing your work!

Week: July 25 - 29, 2016

International (INTL)

International is a resident of Jackson, Michigan and was born in 1987 when Hip-hop was on the rise with groups like N.W.A., Kool G Rap, Houdini, and many others. He grew up in a home that was heavily influenced with different types of music ranging from Soul/RNB, Blues, Rock, Jazz, some bits of Country, and ultimately Hip-hop. International would often grow up listening to the different types of Hip-hop his older brother would play around friends or leave laying around when he wasn't home. His first exposure was an N.W.A. cassette that he would steal and play outside of his bedroom window on a boombox. Eventually around the age of 11 or 11 years old, International began writing rhymes of his own. He would often sneak online and rap inside chatrooms, message boards, and enter different competitions anywhere he could find to enhance his skills and learn from others. By the age of 14, International invested in his first mixer and began recording/producing music on his own venture. Most of his earlier years were spent constructing battle verses both written and freestyle. International would compete in many tournaments over the years winning his fair share of them as time progressed. His biggest victory came with a $2000 win in 2013. As time progressed, he craved to use his skill for more than merely battling. This led to the mixtapes "For the Love of the Art", "Never Been Better", and eventually his latest solo CD release "Eye of the Storm". Since then, he has traveled out to meet many of his favorite musicians such as 9th wonder, Rapsody, Khrysis, John Lee Hooker Jr, ect.

Over the last year of his 17-year career, he has even gone as far as quitting his job to pursue music full time and begin a new journey as a musician strictly He currently works on his music from aspects in recording, mixing, shooting videos, playing guitar, drums, bass, producing, and photography. Without many people to rely on early on, it had become a custom for INTL to take stages into his own hands. He has also booked majority of his shows, battles, and can be contacted for further booking. His musical influences consist and range of many greats from Jimi Hendrix, 2pac, Eminem, Nas, Al Green, B.B. King, The Roots, Big Pun, Big L, Biggie, Atmosphere, 9th Wonder/Little Brother, Jay-Z, and many many others. Look for new features, shows, videos, and media to continue to come out as the next year sets into motion. You can check out currently the "Never Been Better" mixtape as well as "Eye of the Storm" ,both free of charge. hailed "Eye of the Storm" as being "the MOST original material I have heard in a very long time (2015)."

Follow International on Social Media:

Listen to his new single "Told You So" below:

Listen to his new single "Told You So" below:

Week: July 18 - 22, 2016

Jake Aldridge

28 year old Jake Aldridge was born and raised in the village of Reydon, situated in Suffolk, UK. When Jake was 11 years old, tragically his father died suddenly and unexpectedly. This life-changing event led Jake down the path of Songwriting. Despite having always struggled to deal with losing his father and role model, Jake eventually found comfort in writing his thoughts down on paper. To begin with, Jake’s notes were in the form of a diary. Until one day, he randomly started to rhyme a few of the words that he was writing and in time, his diary transformed itself into a book of poems.

Since Jake was inspired by ‘Rap’ Music, his method of performing these rhymes seemed like an easy choice to make. Jake would spend hours writing his feelings down, turning them into rhymes, and would then spend even longer performing them to himself and perfecting them, dreaming of one day becoming as good as the Rappers who he was so inspired by. One night, a teenage Jake had had a little too much to drink and with this, he finally found enough Dutch courage to perform some of his raps to a couple of his close mates. Once his friends had got past the initial shock of hearing their mate rap unexpectedly for the first time, they were amazed. Jakes friends were both incredibly supportive and encouraging towards his lyrics. All of a sudden, Jake’s wildest dreams now seemed like somewhat of a possibility in his own mind.

Follow Jake Aldridge on Social Media:

Listen to his new single "When I'm Feeling Down" below:

When I'm Feeling Down feat Ellie Jamison

Jake Aldridge (N/A)

Week: July 11 - 14, 2016


Cincinnati bred Pop vocalist CymcoLé is causing quite a stir in the music industry. It’s hard to believe that CymcoLé is only 19 years old. The stunning singer, songwriter, model and athlete, arrives with a unique blend of R&B and Pop, sprinkled with Island and Latin influences, which comes vividly to life on Shadows, her upcoming EP. Coming off her smash hit "Bring on the Nite" which climbed to #4 on the Brazillian charts after appearing in a popular novella there. She releases her explosive single "Bombs Away" produced by YoBo. 

With CymcoLé's captivating lyrics and smooth vocals "Bombs Away" is sure to become a smash hit.

CymcoLé has been hard at work recording music, taking interviews and gracing the red carpet at celebrity functions and industry mixers. Look out for the "Bombs Away" video which will be premiering real soon.

"Bombs Away" is now available on iTunes:


Social Media:


Twitter: @cymcole

Instagram: IamCymcoLe

SnapChat: IamCymcoLe


You Tube:

Listen to her new single "Bombs Away" below:

Bombs Away (Produced by YoBo)

CymcoLe (Shadows | #SHDWS)

Week: June 27 - July 1, 2016

X Blake Freeman X

X Blake Freeman X is a talented musician out of Nashville, TN with over 70k followers on social media. You can view his video for his brand new single "No Choices" on YouTube.

Follow Blake:

  • @xblakefreemanx(Twitter)

Listen to his new single "No Options" below:

Week: June 20 - 24, 2016


Kehinde Arifayan, better known as KEYBONE, is a Nigerian independent hip hop recording artist, born and raised in Lagos, and originates from Ekiti state in Nigeria. After the successful release of two singles titled "Look At Me Now" and "Let Me Go"off his debut album; "Going Pro, Vol.1", which was released on the 11th of September 2015, Keybone releases the third single titled "My House", produced by Dr Jazz, off Going Pro, Vol. 1. Keybone's music catalog is available for download and streaming on iTunes, AppleMusic, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube etc and all music streaming services.

Follow Keybone on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram:


Listen to his new single "Let Me Go" below:

Let me go

Keybone (Going Pro Vol. 1)

Week: June 6 - 9, 2016

Dynez Dennis

Dynez Dennis is an artist that continues to challenge and push the buttons while sending a message of individuality and he embraces the positive and self love within our very own being. His music speaks on life, reality, and love. With much soul and passion for his craft, he creates a blend of plush vocals, with smooth, sexy, seductive tones. Tones that ring with conviction and purpose of truth and change. All the inner workings of a star, a true trendsetter, and a voice that needs to be heard are what Dynez captures.

Listen to his new single "TRu STory" below:

Tru Story (RM)

Dynez Dennis (TRu STory)

Week: February 29 - March 4, 2016


James Davis (professionally known as NeJcion) is the rare artist who is no stranger to show business and a newcomer. He began his career at just 13 years old and later started blazing the trail as an R&B artist as a member of the now disbanded group T.Y.M. (Talented Young Men). Then going by the moniker “Young J”, NeJcion and his fellow group mates appeared on 106 and Park‘s “Wild Out Wednesday” and Showtime at the Apollo. And toured the world opening up for many of today's hot acts! Keke Wyatt, Mprynt, Kindred Omarion just to name a few.

NeJcion has since gone on to focus on building his brand as a solo artist/Actor/Songwriter/Playwrite/kDirector/Artist Manager/Radio Personality. He has continued to grind on the tour circuit in his hometown of Philadelphia and by sharing his talents via YouTube and other amazing platforms . Now living and pursuing his career fulltime in Atlanta, his hard work and dedication has paid off having appearances on Tyler Perry's "The Haves & Havenots as well as BET's "Let's Stay Together, this is is a man of many hats. The 25year-old’s gospel-influenced R&B and pop musical style has landed him a spot in today ever growing industry! Be on the lookout for his New EP "Mature Content " Coming February 2016 under Twenty Two Recordings. Catch his new single "AYO" Today you can catch NeJcion in hit TV web series "Choices" season 2 & 3 upcoming feature film "Love & BS" and hit stage play "Talk About Drama" written by him. He also manages some of the hottest teen acts in Philadelphia by the name of "Prince Charming" also catch him as the silly co host on "The Award Winning" Morning Rush with Simply Monica on Heat100Radio Mondays-Friday's 6am-11am

Get to know the City of Brotherly Love’s next multi talented mogul, NeJcion, talented, charming and most of all humble.

Listen to his new single "Ayo" below:

Week: February 15-19, 2016

King Ahdrese Ali

A young new artist born in the Philadelphia area who is also a rapper, actor, photographer, singer and poet. He is a lover of the arts and takes inspiration and influences from everyone. Being a lover of the arts he mixes his sound with a fusion of pop, rock, hip hop and RnB. Look for great things to evolve from King Ahdrese Ali. He is definitely on the rise.

For more on King Ahdrese Ali, connect with him on Social Media:

Listen to his new single "Fiesta" below:


Week: February 1 - 5, 2016

Keeyen Martin

Raised as an only child in Charlotte, North Carolina, Keeyen’s journey as an artist began in the church, where he began singing publicly at the tender age of 5. By 12, Keeyen had written his first song, and at the ripe age of 24, Keeyen Martin’s musical future looks more promising than ever. An adept singer, songwriter, and pianist, Keeyen is the definition of a blossoming musician whose dedication to his craft is sure to pay off—very soon. His rare capacity for creating meaningful music, along with his flare for modernizing and mixing soul, pop, and gospel influences allows him to shine bright in the sea of dronish, ready-made starlets that comprise today’s industry. Keeyen’ s own mantra concerning music—“Just do you!”—; Reveals his refusal to be anything less than original, and at this point in his life, his musical mission to uplift, encourage, and inspire his generation is bound to shake the foundations of popular music in the coming years.

Keeyen has experienced singing background for several industry artists such as, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Rueben Studdard, Peabo Bryson, Rudy Currence, Donnie McClurkin and more. He consistently works with numerous aspiring musicians and vocalists within the Atlanta, GA area extending voice lessons, production coaching, music education, and publishing courses. His song catalog boasts over 150 plus songs, having worked with many notable artists. Recently Keeyen has performed in various venues from TBN networks, Vh1 Save The Music, BET and ASCAP. He has shared the stage with artist Roman GianArthur, Isaac Caree, Jennifer Holliday, Marian Mereba, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans and more.

His single #DiveN2Luv is buzzing, gaining airplay in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Uniontown, AL; South Africa; New Zealand and the UK with rave reviews. His newest single #Suitcase was released on 6/5/15 and is receiving an awesome response! So much new music, videos and more are certainly in store for his growing fan base and audience of listeners. Keeyen Martin is not only busy becoming a star in his two hometowns, but he is also making strides to become a recognizable voice and face around the globe!

For more on Keeyen Martin, connect with him on Social Media:

Listen to his new single "Suitcase" below:


Keeyen Martin (Suitcase-Single)

Week: January 25 -29, 2016

Poet Wright

Poet Wright, an R&B artists, was born in Beaufort, SC growing up on St. Helena Island. Even from a young age Poet knew he wanted to be a singer. Citing Whitney Houston, Tevin Campbell, Jazmine Sullivan, and many other soulful artists as his vocal influence.

After serving time in the army Poet went on to do various other jobs but never forgot his passion for music. He finally pursued a career in music when moving to Tacoma, and linking with producer Michael MI Cole. MI has produced beats for artists such as Neyo, Trey Songz, and Omarion.

Poet's first single "Ain't like Me" feat Tacoma native Lil Ripp is a perfect blend of the artist Poet wishes to be known as. Using his R&B vocals to complement a Hip Hop track is the direction this record takes you. Never forgetting his home town, Poet shouts out South Carolina and St. Helena Island by referencing 843. The area code

His lead single, Ain't Like Me, is now available in all online music stores to include: ITunes, Amazon, and Google Play with links provided below to the latter

Listen to his new single "Ain't Like Me" below:

Ain't Like Me RV

Week: December 7-11, 2015

Brandon Harris

Singer, Songwriter, Arranger & Producer! Is a talented artist our of Detroit, Michigan. His previous works included his R&B styled EP entitled "Realistically Speaking". He is back with a new soulful Christmas album entitled "My Greatest Gift". 

Currently: Brandon has a variety of projects in the works. Of course Brandon is continuously working on new music and intends to write music that will be relatable to others, as well as uplift, inspire, and motivate others. Brandon is also working on a novel (T.B.A.), has plans to write a stage play, plans to write and direct an independent film/soundtrack, and will continue to develop his program HI-V (High Five). Stay tuned for the various works of Brandon J. Harris. 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Brandon J. (My Greatest Gift)

November 16-20, 2015


Introducing new artist Teito-Sydir from Bronx, NY. His new single "Big City Dreamer" is getting a great response and is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon MP3, GooglePlay, Spotify, Tidal and several other online retailers!! 

"Big City Dreamer" off the top is a banging', 90's flavored, throwback, feel good track that EVERYONE needs to have in their ears! Again, this single is now available on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon MP3, GooglePlay, Spotify, Tidal and several other online retailers!! This is definitely an artist on the rise with so much more to come.


TEITO-SYDIR (Big City Dreamer (EP))

November 09-13, 2015

Davionne Jackson

13-year old Davionne Jackson possessed vocal talent that spanned far beyond his years, proving that age is nothing but a number when it comes to singing anthems. Considering the studio his second home, the young teen with a seasoned voice declares, “I love music, this is what I do. I am not forced to do this; I do it because I love it.”

Surrounded by music since birth, Davionne's father and other family members surrounded him with various sounds from Country, Pop, to R&B and Gospel. By the time the singer/actor turned 16-years old, the Milwaukee native knew he wanted to pursue a career in the music business. Developing a serious discipline for the art of vocal performance from attending Milwaukee High School of the Arts, young Davionne studied and emulated the vocal skills from greats like Tank, R. Kelly, Usher, and his favorite artist Musiq Soulchild. Moving forward with his belief and full confidence, Davionne teamed with local Milwaukee producers to produce music testing his vocal abilities.

In order to keep his music career on the fast track, Davionne relocated to Chicago in 2011. Immediately going to work, Davionne began recording with local Chicago producers and created his first song "Hot Tub Melody." This song landed him a showcase that helped him gain some buzz after perfoming at the Shrine, a local club in the downtown area.

In 2015, Davionne began working on his prolonged mixtape, which included his current singles "I Can't Lose" and "Winner." Due to financial battles, Davionne postponed the release of his debut mixtape. Davionne was raised in a harsh household, which he was removed from at a young age. From this, Davionne used his hardship and battles to drive his emotions in his music. 

Today, 23- year old Davionne is currently working with a new team and is slated to release a new single, following a music video. Davionne wants to focus more on his vocal abilities and deliver a new sound. He wants to deliever Pop/R&B music for his fans, and give them some good quality music that he thinks shall never die. Davionne wants everyone to remeber him for his ability to bring back great music!

I Can't Lose 

Davionne Jackson

November 02-06, 2015

Kvn Tajzea

Kvn Tajzea (pronounced Keh-vun Tah-Jhay) is more than your typical R&B singer songwriter and actor. He is quite possibly the best male R&B vocalist you’ve never heard of…until now. Kvn began his love affair with music and acting at a very young age. The artist elaborates, “I was a very sick child growing up and nearly died a few times. I wasn’t really allowed to play outside until the age of 7 because my immune system was so weak.” It was in these moments that his creativity blossomed out of necessity. He read, listened to, and watched a plethora of varying artistic expressions. Kvn recalls, “When I got tired of reading and watching movies, I sang to myself.”

Even after becoming healthy enough to lead the normal life of a kid his passion for the arts continued to grow and manifested itself in a variety of ways ranging from poetry, drawing, songwriting and acting. Kvn is an accomplished vocalist with a four octave range whose smooth, syrupy, and comforting voice conceals an old school rasp that let’s you in on the pain and tribulation that fuels a tone of hope in every note he sings. The former church drummer’s singing recalls a time where R&B singers could not only sing, but also tell a story with the delivery of each melodic utterance.

There is a sage quality about his execution and lyrical content that ushers you into a sophisticated and groundbreaking sonic atmosphere. There’s no one that sounds like him yet there is something very familiar about his style. “I am influenced by the world and try to take everything positive and negative of note that I feel and incorporate it into what I do but, once it runs through my creative filter it becomes something different, something very “Kvn Tajzea-esque” if you will. That’s how it should be for all artists. Every person is special. And unique enough to produce their own signature sound. It’s fear that keeps most atists from trusting it. I have none.” Said Tajzea.

“The First Return” is Kvn's debut project featuring the production of hit maker Ron Love for MonaRK Productions. According to Kvn, the title makes reference to this being his first album and a return of real R&B back to the forefront of the music industry. With the release of his album comes the launch of the exclusive #TEAMTAJZEA Club.

From Kvn:

"#TEAMTAJZEA is born out of a desire to really get to know the people that support this dream I've had since I was a little boy who was too ill to talk let alone sing. That's why I want to hear from the members of #TEAMTAJZEA directly. They can text me directly at..."

Kvn Tajzea - The First Return - 09 - Trill Love Thrill

Week: October 26-30, 2015

Chris Reeder 

Chris Reeder is an artist, producer 7 writer who was born and raised in New Jersey. “Starting off as a dancer long before I became an artist is what helps me with not only creating anthems that people can move to, but with connecting and engaging my audience as well.”

Since touring in Japan and France, Chris Reeder has been busy. From opening up for Far East Movement at venues like Six Flags Great Adventures; to yielding jaw dropping performances with DJ SKRIBBLE on the Malibu Station Invasion Tour featuring Ciara and Taio Cruz. For his most recent tour, Chris once again teamed up with CJ SKRIBBLE for a spring break tour covering Cancun, Hawaii, Florida and Texas. He also recently collaborated with Lil Jon 7 and Mohombi for a song scheduled to release in Europe this year.

With a mixture of music ranging from hip hop to trap to explosive pop and electro hits, Chris Redder is a living example of his statements, “Art should never be contained in a lane or genre; it should be free to grow in all directions”.

Way Up (I survived)

Chris Reeder

Week: October 19-23, 2015


In the world of music, you have to really stand out and put your best

voice forward if you want the world to hear you. That is exactly the

aim of the upcoming singers from Montgomery, Alabama. Patrina and

Latrina Jones are the new girls on the block. Stepping on to the scene

as both singers and song writers, they bring with them a neosoul vibe. "Our songs are from the heart. Some of them originate as poems derived from real life emotions and experiences. The rest are from us hearing a beat and just vibing to it."

Naye is taking their career to the next level. They have been working with big name contacts and connects to make this newest project excel. "There are a million different things we can say to sell the world on why we are the next big thing, but that's not what we are trying to do. The plan is to get the music out there and let the world determine for themselves

Born in the 90s, their musical influences include artists such as Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Xscape, and Destinys Child. They spent their entire life exercising their vocal talent, starting as kids in their church and school choirs, all the way to live performances in their recent years. They have been featured in various magazines and blogs including Bronze magazine, Black Naps, and Vibe Vixen and they also operate their own YouTube channel which includes a few cover songs. "We have a lot of support. Everyone from production all the way to publicity has been amazing. We're lucky to have so many wonderful people around us who support what we're doing, gives us criticisms, and stands by us."

Naye is taking their career to the next level. They have been working with big name contacts and connects to make this newest project excel. "There are a million different things we can say to sell the world on why we are the next big thing, but that's not what we are trying to do. The plan is to get the music out there and let the world determine for themselves.

April Showers


Week: October 12 - October 17, 2015

Celina “LINA”

Called the ‘Queen of Urban Pop/R&B, Celina ‘Lina’ Judd is taking the world by storm!


This versatile and gifted artist composes all of her original music, and with her extremely wide vocal range, her ability to sing LIVE, and her ability to record and arrange her own harmonies and backgrounds, this incredibly multifaceted teen is any producer/engineer's (and your!) dream artist! This young lady is a 'true' multi genre artist.

Celina was born in Northwest Jacksonville, Florida. She attended LaVilla School of The Arts and Douglas Anderson School of The Arts, and attended Virtual School Classes while traveling. This early grad began college courses in spring 2014.

Celina has been performing as an artist since May, 2011, but has come a long way in a short time. Some of her achievements include:

Six original songs on radio (93.3 The Beat Jamz),SHADE45 XM, Be 100 Radio.

An opening artist for various performers including Mystikal, Lil’ Chuckee, Future, MGK, Mac Miller

National Radio Champion (with hit single ‘Turn Me Up’)

TV host of two weekly televised Teen Talk/Dance Shows (‘Live On The Dance Floor’, and ‘44th & Norwood’)

Reporter/Interviewer at ‘Tom Joyner Family Reunion’

National Anthem at Jacksonville Giants Home Game Season Opener (televised on CW17)

Celina also takes part in local charity fundraisers. She has launched her own nonprofit organization, We Can B.E, Inc This young lady is now an entrepreneur,with her own apparel line 'Royaltii Wear'.

Celina had enjoyed being #1 on BOTH the Jax ReverbNation R&B and Pop Charts from September, 2011 -May, 2013. She has since moved to 'World' Charts to better reflect her multi genre status.

For more on Celina “LINA”, connect with her on Social Media:

Don't Talk

Celina Lina , Cheeta Mane , St (Unstoppable Queen)

Week: September 28-October 2, 2015

Rehema McNeil

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 9, 1992, Rehema McNeil was raised in a soulful and jazzy, R&B culture and that is one of the key dynamics in her growth towards her own womanhood. She related more to the music of that time which had substance and meaning. That was the type of music that reached to her in way that the artificial and flashy music couldn’t. McNeil developed her own style through poetry and rap by expressing her sentiments on identity, historical events, social injustice, and women’s empowerment. By 2014 McNeil’s performances have already gathered following of strong supporters. She has performed at such events as Martin University’s Art and Soul Homecoming Weekend, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis’ African Student Association Conference, and the Indianapolis War Memorial Anti-Bullying Fashion Show. On November 7, 2014, Rehema McNeil released her debut rap album, “Davu”, with a release party. “Davu” received esteemed reviews boosting of its message of self-acceptance and personal development being the best policy and that self-awareness is the path to growth. McNeil embarks on her journey as a hip-hop emcee knowing that “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”, as Maya Angelou so wisely said and lived.  

Week: September 21-24, 2015

Riverson Joseph

Born in Haiti, Riiv moved to Stamford, CT in the early 90’s. Raised in a large family, with 3 brothers and 1 sister, he was often viewed as the rebel child. Growing up with out a true role model in his life, he landed himself in a group home, living there from age 13-18, not caring about anything, especially the law. It was his experience in the group home that lead him to discover his love for music, often finding himself singing to himself alongside the music videos on T.V. Criticism from Riiv's so called “friends” at the group home, taunting him that he couldn’t sing, only lead him to sing more. If only those “friends” could see him now...

Representing his Haitian and Dominican background, Riiv collaborates a mix of R&B and Hip Hop sounds. He also has many influences, with the likes of Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Brian McKnight, Maxwell, and of course the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. His list of influences goes on and on. He’s just trying to follow in their footsteps, inspired by them to make it to the top, and have people listening and enjoy his music the way he’s enjoyed those before him. With great confidence in his talent comes a very humble Riiv.....

Along with music, Riiv has a love for basketball, his PS3, an occasional night out at the club for special occasions, and just being in good company, with his family… and let’s not forget good food! His nice smile and a good sense of humor goes a long way. He always believes that having a good sense of humor is a great way to just relax and be layback.

Week: September 14 - 18, 2015

The Henchmen

The Henchmen are an upcoming underground rap trio from Ontario, Canada consisting of artists S-Ka-Paid, Mr. Face and Subconscious. The group was spontaneously formed Sep 14, 2014 after the release of the song "Ground Zero" featuring all three artists had amazing feedback across the internet. The Henchmen have already worked with major artists such as MadChild, PaceWon and Slaughter Rico. The group is recognized in the underground music scene for their lyrical wordplay, tongue-twisting flows and mind-bending metaphors. The Henchmen are set to release their first free mixtape titled "Bar Buryin" along side an official album titled "Minion" by the summer of 2015. Follow the team for tons of new music!

Get Loud

The Henchmen

Week: August 31 - September 4, 2015

Chris Casino

Chris Casino notably one of the industry’s most driven independent HIP POP artists. Flatbush/ Crown Heights Brooklyn native Chris Casino has always had an undeniable drive for success a reputation on the streets for being one of the hardest working, respected entrepreneurs there is. His fast-paced beginnings, transitioned into an even faster career path as Chris Casino continuous passion for music began to take form. Becoming who he is today came through hard work and dedication, acknowledging the fact that eliminating all negative attributes will lead him to success.

Maintaining full control of his career from the very start, Chris Casino formed his own label ‘Freezer Boyz Entertainment’. In conjunction with selling one CD at a time out of the back of his trunk and his own street teams Chris Casino has managed to sell over 450,000 units over a period of 5 years. Chris has collaborated with superstar artists such as Trey Songz, Pimp Squad Click, Grand Hustle, M.O.P., Foxy Brown, Bunji Garlin, Snow, Big B’z, Mack Bonnie and many more. Chris is a prime example that in order to make it in the music industry, one’s drive to succeed must be undeniable.

As an independent artist Chris not only inhabits this impeccable drive but he has a story to tell and effectively does so through his music with a new fresh take on radio ready universal ‘Club Bangers’ perfecting the marriage between Hip Hop and Pop music this highly marketable rapper, singer, song writer, producer knows how to make people smile, get low and throw their hands in the ‘ayer’. Most recently Chris Casino has transitioned his distribution platform and his reach to the digital markets through XM Satellite, Pandora, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and SoundCloud to name a few. Chris Casino’s Debut Single ‘Hot Chick’ is gaining ‘fast’ momentum now playing on POWER 105.1FM a huge accomplishment for any Independent Artist trying to break into the New York Radio space which is nowadays unheard of, maybe this is due to the increasing rate of club spins and performances of ‘Hot Chick’ at some of the hottest Nightclubs in New York.

Chris Casino will continue to fill the void with feel-good Hip Pop music that everyone can enjoy.

 Hot Chick

Chris Casino

Week: August 24-28, 2015

Redris Bell

Redris has been dropping clues about his debut album “Set It All On Fire”. Heres what we know so far. Redris is well known for his writing skills. He has penned lyrics for many local and some major acts including “Phylle, Picasso Varner, Omarion, Sisqo, Chris Micheal , Nicole Wray and man more. Redris is also an affiliate of writers ink group collaborating with ” Rapture, La’del Kent, Al West, Jae Da Writer & More”. So Its needless to say Redris will have written the majority of the material on the album. If you ask Redris he will tell you he draws his inspiration from personal experience and living bi-curiously through others. He invokes imagery and challenges perception through his way with words. He has been 

writing since elementary school. He started off writing 3 subject notebook horror stories outside of his schoolwork. His teacher from MLK elementary school of Utica Ny took the time out to grade these goose bumps “like” stories. Encouraging him to write even more . God-son of R&B Chris Michael also spilled some ink on tunes ” Love Me Back, Mic Check & She’s Is”. Ralphel Fasion (A.K.A) Kayo of Illicit Vice also shared his racy edge on ” Tomb Raider & Freak”. Bad Boy Larry Carter (A.K.A) Phylle wrote the title track “Set it all on fire”.

Redris is also a music producer! He has produced for “Steven Knight, Annointed Spirit, Phylle, Illicite Vice, Chris Michael and More..” His production landed him in a placement on theater release “Dirty Laundry 2006″. Redris studied the greats like “Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley, Neptunes and More”. He is influenced by many but has created his own sound in R&B/pop/Hip-hop music. Redris has done the majority of the production of the album. Other Producers Include Rogue Regime, Maurice Morris (A.K.A)Reese On The Beat ,Rasheed Sypañovïsh (A.K.A) RASH, of Mosely Music Group. So expect an eargasim of fresh new R&B Hip Hop from this project. This will get you on your feet and dancing, make you feel sexy and make you cry.

Now when it come to vocals, Redris has developed a 3 octave range. He started out singing in the choir of the House of God church of Utica NY. Influenced by his grandmother he picked up piano playing as a teenager. Being his father a Guitarist & Mother also a singer. It was only natural Redris would fall in love with music. His sound has been compared to artist like Brandy Norwood, Chris Brown & John Legend just to name a few. However Redris has developed his own unique signature. When you hear his voice you will automatically know its your boy Redris. He has a odd but beautiful way of layering harmonies. His runs are fluid like a stream flowing. So be prepared to be wowed by his sound. We should also expect features from Chris Michael , Silence & Illicit Vice …. Maybe more! We’ll just have to wait and see once details about the release are unveiled !

For more on Redris Bell, connect with her on Social Media:

Week: August 10-14, 2015

Ayumi Perry 

Ayumi Perry is a singer, songwriter, and performer born in Northern California, and has transported to the East coast. She has been molding her sound via fronting a handful of bands and working with multiple producers in various Bay Area studios for about 8yrs. Taking time is important to her, because not only is she very serious about offering the best she can in the studio or stage, but the music and song choices have to reflect such a smooth, unique and controlled tone such as hers. It can feel like a haunting beauty, or a soulful cradle from one line to the next.

Perry's voice is emotionally fueled and smacks of wisdom being expressed through breaths of hope-filled innocence. That’s not the only juxtaposition in the AP camp. Ayumi is an Asian American woman striving to do what none before her have. She plans to make her mark in the mainstream American music world without trading her originality for an easy and expected stereotype. You can tell by the company she keeps that she is in route to be a "first". Ayumi performed live for the first Asian American to become a Mayor in the U.S. That same night, the first African American Mayor of San Francisco was celebrating in the audience along with the first Asian tv news anchor.

Ayumi Perry's intense drive has enabled her the opportunity to open for Salvador Santana, Dave Chappelle, Members of WAR, headline festivals, and work with the top musicians of the Bay Area and Philadelphia. Perry was also gracious enough to donate 100% of the proceeds from her CD, "Pray For Japan", to aid in the recovery from the earthquake. She plans to do more to give back as her career builds.

Oh La La


Week: August 3 - 7, 2015

Nyticka Hemingway

New comer, Nyticka Hemingway, has a voice that is sweet and satisfying. It infectiously leaves you wanting more.

Getting an early start in her church choir, Nyticka is an eclectic R&B/Soul artist. She entered the music industry as a song writer then became one half of the writing production team 925. Since then, this Jersey girl was blessed to co-write the irresistible 'Superstar' featured on Usher's multi platinum Confessions album and co- wrote the smash hit 'Under' for Pop sensation Kumi Koda in Japan, among others.

Her First mixtape, "It'sMe!" was widely received. After that debut, she was voted Best RNB Female in South Jersey. Her follow up was the melodic Street Album entitled, "Me2!!" The third of the mixtape trilogy, "Money On Me" is soon to be released and she is also putting the finishing touches on her first EP. Stay Tuned.

 Nyticka's music is currently out digitally on Itunes and all other online retailers.

Week: July 20-24, 2015


On 2 Da Next (new version 12-23-14)

Week: July 13 - 17, 2015

Malachi Rivers

(Photo credit: Jason Johnson)

Downbeat Magazine describes Malachi live performance experience best when he toured with Jazz artist Marcus Strickland as a Hip Hop and Spoken Word sidekick “Malachi keeps the performance level at a fever pitch; he has a commanding oratory. In tandem with the chops and conviction of the Strickland brothers, it underscores the music's wallop. Some experiments sound like an exercise; this one's all about passion. 

Downbeat Magazine describes Malachi live performance experience best when he toured with Jazz artist Marcus Strickland as a Hip Hop and Spoken Word sidekick “Malachi keeps the performance level at a fever pitch; he has a commanding oratory. In tandem with the chops and conviction of the Strickland brothers, it underscores the music's wallop. Some experiments sound like an exercise; this one's all about passion. 

From his humble beginnings in Maryland at the prestigious Suitland High School for the performing arts, to the University of Maryland studying voice with world renowned bass Francois Loup and Soprano Carmen Balthrop, to rapping and performing spoken word poetry at New York City’s premiere music night clubs including Blue Note Jazz Club, SOB’s, and Nuyorican Poets Cafe, to hitting the stage in Germany, Norway, Amsterdam, and London Malachi delivers lyricism, passion, and a unique approach different from most Hip Hop artists of today. Malachi name means “my messenger” in Hebrew and you get a sense that he is pulling from a higher power on stage in order to deliver a musical message.

This year Malachi has joined forces with Brandon D'Lux yet again to release his follow up EP “The Other I”, a truthful embodiment of musical work that reflects the various sides of Malachi musically. 

Make It Sexy (Feat. Coriology)

Malachi Rivers (featuring Coriology) (The Other I)